About Us

About Us

A Western Australian owned  Company for commercial Truck & Bus repairs.

Find out what makes us more than just a truck & bus repair company:

City Panel Beaters Truck Repairs Pty Ltd is a well established truck accident repair facility that has been at the forefront in truck & bus repairs since 1970.

When it comes to down to large vehicle repairs, our experience and enthusiasm enables us to deliver a competent & efficient turnaround time, ensuring you get back on the road as fast as possible.

Our professionalism and expertise are reflected through our work.

We are  dedicated to the transport industry/community and driven to continually grow our  business, trust and  good reputation.



One core value at City Panel Beaters is to maintain an enthusiastic, positive and friendly working environment. We have a firm belief that a happy employee is efficient and productive.

We listen and pay extra attention to our crew as they progress through the repair process to capture any information that assists us in improving our methods and strategies.

Our team is well respected, professional, and motivated to help you get back on the road.



Our continued presence through our customer based relationships, has given us an honoured reputation as one of the leaders in W.A truck repairs. We maintain relationships with all our clients and have become a welcomed, familiar face in the trucking community.

We  continue to develop an understanding with companies and family businesses throughout the industry by welcoming feedback on ‘All’ repairs.



At City Panel Beaters Truck Repairs Pty Ltd, we have provided all our staff with consistent ongoing training running within the company.  This keeps all up to date with the latest technology and procedures, ensuring a smarter and more competent workforce.  It is essential as we are driven to we remain a cut above our competitors.